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What a great evening! Meeting at Morleen's beautiful home in Rosedale, twelve lovely members sipped wine, nibbled on hors d'hoeuvres and shared all sorts of stories. In 1953, for example, four newly-graduated AOIIs abandoned all to roadtrip to an AOII Convention in the southern states. We heard about how they met Stella G.S. Perry, faced racism head-on while lost in the Mississippi Delta, and languished in their glorious summer independence. 

We heard about Moira's upcoming adventure to China ~ a 3-week adventure beginning in Shanghai, with a focus on Jingdezhen, a little-known village not usually open to tourists. They will work hands-on with local artisans, creating pots, brushes, ink and paper, for which the village is renowned. Off to Xian, home of the terracotta warriors, and of course who could miss Beijing, with all its treasures, and a visit to the infamous Wall of China?! 

Sisterhood Soiree was a great opportunity to share ideas, enjoy the company of mahhhvelous women, 
and sample each other's tasty hors d'oeuvres specialties. Big roses to all who attended and an especially big one to Morleen Bousfield ~ hostess extraordinaire, and husband John, bartender extraordinaire!  Hope to see you all next March!

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