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Not for just 4 college years, 
...from initiation to eternity...!

While you have experienced and enjoyed the special bond that exists between members of AOII as collegians, you will soon realize that the relationship takes on new dimensions as an alumna. Alumnae membership spans many more years than does undergraduate membership, offering continued opportunities for leadership, service, and long-lasting friendships. Being a member of an AOII alumnae chapter is an opportunity for continued involvement.  We are members of this fraternity not just during college days, but for life.


As an alumna, you will create new memories as you expand your horizon of friendships to include women of all ages and interests. Wherever you go, you will find that your AOII friends will span several generations and come from varying chapter situations and locations. No matter where you travel or live, your profession or circumstance, AOII sisters will always be a source of support in your personal, social, and professional life.