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Canadian Chapters AOII International


Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity was founded January 2, 1897 
at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York by

Jessie Wallace Hughan

Helen St. Clair Mullan

Stella George Stern Perry Elizabeth Heywood Wyman
Stella, Helen, Jessie, Elizabeth (Bess)

AOP Facts

"One motto, one badge, one bond, and singleness of heart!"
Our jewel is the ruby Our flower is the Jacqueminot Rose.
Our colour is cardinal Our 'unofficial' mascot is the panda bear
   Our philanthropy is Arthritis Research & Juvenile Arthritis.

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Our new Headquarters on Dedication Day - April 21st, 2001

Alpha Omicron Pi International Headquarters
5390 Virginia Way
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027  USA
Phone: (615) 370-0920
Fax: (615) 371-9736

Canadian Chapters

On September 27th, 1930, Alpha Omicron Pi became an international fraternity with the chartering of Beta Tau chapter at the University of Toronto. Since then, AOII has installed a total of 6 collegiate chapters and 5 alumnae chapters across Canada.

Alumnae Chapters


Alumnae President

Calgary Alumnae

Kristy Manchul

Montreal Alumnae

Gail Blackwood

Ottawa Alumnae

MJ Jacobsen

Toronto Area Alumnae

Christine Hostetter

Vancouver Alumnae

Carolyn Rhee-Thompson

Collegiate Chapters

University of Toronto - Beta Tau
Installed September 27, 1930
24 Madison Ave, 
Toronto, ON M5R 2S1
(416) 922-3646

University of Calgary - Kappa Lambda
Installed November 30, 1985

Box MH13, McEwan Student Centre
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB    T2N 1N4

University of British Columbia - Beta Kappa
Installed October 17, 1931, 
Charter returned, 1985

University of Western Ontario - Iota Chi
Installed October 25th, 1986

222 Broughdale Ave, London ON  N6A 2K9

McGill University - Kappa Phi
Installed March 25, 1939, 
Charter Returned, 1973
Rechartered Nov 11, 1989

3477-B Hutchison St., Montreal, QC H2X 2G1
(514) 284-4893

Carleton University - Gamma Chi
Installed November 21st, 1992

906 Beauclaire Drive, Ottawa, ON  K1C 2L2 
(613) 799-4313

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Notable Facts

International President 1979-1981 -  Joan Deathe MacCallum, Kappa Phi

Current International Volunteers
Dorothy Breeze, Beta Kappa, International Fraternity Development Committee
Marjorie Stevens, Beta Kappa, CNS
Shala Schweitzer Berry, Kappa Lambda, CNS
Joan Deathe MacCallum, Kappa Phi, International Historian

Chapter Consultants:
Frances Gotlieb Stephan, Beta Tau 1975-76
Kirsten Eastwood, Beta Tau 1985-86
Diane Furher Taylor, Kappa Lambda 1993-94
Phaedra Burke Van der Meer, Kappa Lambda 1994-95
Teresa Nelson, Kappa Lambda 1998-99
Christine Walters, Iota Chi  1998-99

Perry Award (Outstanding Chapter President of AOII)
Bryanne Bennett Weston, Kappa Lambda, 1996

McCaulsand Cup (International Award for Outstanding Scholarship)
Beta Tau - 1947, 1957, 1975, 1979, 1985, 1989

Adele K. Hinton Award (Outstanding personal example for AOII)
Joan Deathe MacCallum, Kappa Phi, 1985

AOII International Rose Award Recipients 
(Dedicated commitment to AOII)

Shirley Ann Potter Dempster, Kappa Phi 1957
Honoree Gresty Young Findlay, Beta Kappa 1957
Margaret Gibson, Beta Tau 1957
Mary Isobel Clemes Ensor, Beta Tau 1959
Lenore Valbourg Kinghorn Hetherington, Beta Tau 1959, 1961

Elizabeth Bennet McNab, Kappa Phi 1959
Ruth Dorothea Richardson Wardell, Beta Kappa 1961, 1965
Ada Jean Kirk Brown, Beta Kappa 1963
Mary Catherine Joan Hoare Mahoney, Beta Tau 1963
Elsie Graham Sumner Cuddy, Beta Tau 1969

Joan Deathe MacCallum, Kappa Phi 1971
Karen Agnete Hall Moon, Kappa Phi 1971
Sandra Homfray Keymer Temple, Kappa Phi 1975
Anne Ridsdale Mott, Beta Kappa 1977
Judit Mary Putti Spence, Beta Kappa 1979
Mary Jane Refausse Jacobsen, Beta Tau 1993
Marjorie Stevens, Beta Kappa 1999
Shala Schweitzer Berry, Kappa Lambda, 2001


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